Volume 58, Issue 1 (2020) Summer and Autumn 2020

Originally published as a double issue, Vol 58 Issue 1 - 2.

Original Articles


Comparison of Combined/Carvedilol Moderate Dose Atorvastatin to Single High Dose Atorvastatin for the Prevention of Contrast-Induced Nephropathy after Cardiac Catheterization

Rabab Ahmed EL-Gazara, Maggie M. Abbassi, Nirmeen A. Sabry, Mohamed Seleem Mohamed, and Soad Zakaria

Subject area: Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


Nanocrystal based orally disintegrating tablets as a tool to improve dissolution rate of Vortioxetine

Eknath Ahire, Shreya Thakkar, Yogeshwari Borade, and Manju Misra

Subject area: Pharmaceutical Technology


A critical review on the plants used for the treatment of ulcer in Kerala

Jincy Jacob, Jipnomon J, and Nancy J

Subject area: Natural Products and Phytochemistry