Corresponding Author

J. K. Hassan Department of Clinical Pharmacy, College of Pharmacy, University of Basra, Karmat Ali Campus, Basra city, Karmat Ali, Basra Province, Iraq. E-mail address: jubranhassan@gmail.com

Subject Area

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


Background: Taurine is sulfur containing semi-essential amino acid that has important roles in many biological processes, but; its effects on glucose homeostasis, weight; growth and bone mineralization were not well defined in human. Objectives: evaluation the effects of oral taurine used for 3 months on bone mineralization biomarker; glycemic control and body weight in type II diabetic patients. Methods: interventional double-blind placebo-controlled study in which 80 patients with type2 diabetes mellitus (age range 45e55) assigned in either control (n ¼ 40) or study (n ¼ 40) group. The last group received 1000 mg capsule of taurine once a -d for three months. Parameters measured were serum calcium, 25(OH) vitamin D and osteocalcin, NTX-1; HbA1C% and Fasting blood glucose before and after 3 months. Results: Taurine led to significant (p < 0.05) rise in osteocalcin and significant lowering in Body weight and BMI and there were no significant changes in Serum Calcium; NTX-1; Vitamin D; HbA1C% and fasting blood glucose; all as compared with control values. Conclusion: 3 months of oral Taurine used in type II diabetic patients may modulate bone mineralization represented by elevation of osteocalcin; and reduction of body weight, but has no significant effect on glycemic control and did not reduce HbA1C%