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Microbiology and Immunology


The samples were then identified by macroscopic and microscopical methods, Molecular fingerprinting, of Cladosporium strains populations depending on MP-PCR using Primers (AGG) 5 , (CAG) 5 , (GACA) 4 , and (AG) 8 C. In addition, we have applied the UP-PCR technique using L21 and Fok1 Genotyping patterns extracted by MP-PCR showed good discrimination with amplification of (AGG) 5 , (AG) 8 C and (CAG) 5 over (GACA) 4. In addition, L21 primer revealed variability over FOK1 primer. current work indicate that MP-PCR and UP-PCR fingerprinting method are appropriate for characterization of large groups of Cladosporium due to its simplicity