Corresponding Author

Riham Omar Bakr

Subject Area

Natural Products and Phytochemistry


Erythrina (Coral tree, Family Fabaceae) is a genus of flowering plant worldwide cultivated for ornamental purposes. The flower of Erythrina species was widely used as a tranquilizer, sedative, and in dysentery and syphilis. Studies on the morphology of this genus are insufficient. This study aims to provide information on the morpho-anatomical characters of the E×neillii flowers and their usefulness in distinguishing this hybrid plant from other closely related species. Erythrina×neillii flower is characterized by a racemose compound panicle inflorescence, diadelphous androecium, superior gynoecium (monocarpellary) with marginal placentation, different type of stomata, rounded to triangular pollen grains with granular exine.