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Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


Pulmonary fibrosis is a fatal progressive lung disorder. Bleomycin (BLM) has been used for induction of experimental pulmonary fibrosis. Selenium nanoparticles (SeNPs) have been synthesized and investigated for their ability to ameliorate BLM-induced pulmonary fibrosis. SeNPs (0.5 mg⁄kg. ip) were administered for four weeks; two weeks pre and two weeks post BLM (2.5 U⁄kg. ip). BLM induced biochemical and histological deterioration of lungs. SeNPs induced significant histopathological and biochemical improvement of oxidative stress (MDA, SOD and GSH), inflammatory (IL6 and IL10) and fibrotic markers (hydroxyproline). In conclusion; SeNPs has potential therapeutic rather than protective effect on management of pulmonary damage.