Corresponding Author

Dr. M. Mahboubi

Subject Area

Natural Products and Phytochemistry


Irritable bowel syndrome (IBS) is known as functional gastrointestinal disorder with world prevalence of 9-23%. There is no effective treatment for management of IBS, so, research on effective treatments; especially among the medicinal plants is one interest of scientists. There are many clinical trials on efficacy of plant extracts and essential oils on patients with IBS, but the majority of clinical studies are focused on efficacy of combination of caraway and peppermint essential oils. The aim of this article was to evaluate the efficacy and safety of proprietary combination of peppermint oil and caraway oil for the treatment of IBS. The manuscript was prepared by searching in scientific resources, books, and thesis and documents. There are four clinical trials on oral use of a proprietary combination of peppermint oil and caraway oil in the form of enteric coated capsule was well tolerated by the patients and 4 weeks treatment by this preparation decreased the IBS-symptom severity score and improved the IBS-quality of life of patient with FD-concomitant IBS. Caraway oil, mainly d-carvone and l-limonene inhibits the intestinal fermentation processes by its antimicrobial effects, and inhibits the formation of foam in the stomach and intestinal juice. Peppermint oil, mainly menthol has similar properties and their combination of oils shows the synergistic effects. Although, there are some clinical studies on combination of peppermint and caraway oils in patients with IBS symptoms, but these clinical trials used the patients with FD-concomitant IBS, so, design a new large clinical study with IBS-patients from three types of IBS and evaluation of its efficacy and safety can be the subject of future clinical studies. However, the efficacy of topical combination of peppermint-caraway oils on abdominal skin of patients with IBS can be considered in future studies.