Subject Area

Natural Products and Phytochemistry


Citrus reshni hort. ex Tanaka (Cleopatra mandarin) is a salt-tolerant citrus rootstock that has the unique ability to grow and complete its life cycle in the presence of high concentrations of salt, unlike other salt sensitive Citrus species. Having this great advantage, we were intrigued to investigate its macro- and micromorphological characters for identification of the plant, in addition, SCoT primers were used to differentiate C. reshni from two closely related species viz., C. deliciousa and C. reticulate Blanco. As well, the plant’s rbcL barcode sequence was generated and submitted to GenBank for future authentication. Moreover, C. reshni juice was investigated physically regarding its yield, pH, refractive index, relative density, and degree brix, as well as, chemically using LC/MS/MS. Chemical investigation revealed the presence of 6 hydroxycinnamic acid derivatives, 4 flavonoids, a single limonoid in addition to 3 fatty acids. This is the first map of secondary metabolite classes of C. reshni juice suggesting many medicinal uses. Cytotoxicity of the lyophilized fruit juice against MCF-7 was also investigated.