Corresponding Author

Marwa G. Elhennawy

Subject Area

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


Introduction: Dyslipidemia is one of the main risk factors for cardiovascular diseases. Statin preparations are the most effective lipid-lowering preparations that reduce the risk of mortality related to cardiovascular diseases. In the Egyptian market, various statin preparations have different strengths and prices. Aim: The current study aims to assess the percentage of cost variations among different statin medications in the Egyptian market. Methods: This is a cost variation study conducted from November to December 2022. The data were collected by using the Egyptian master on therapeutic drugs, edition 2022, and from the Egyptian Drug Database (DDB) website. The maximum and the minimum price of various statin agents were calculated. The price of each statin preparation was calculated per unit dose. The percentage of cost variations was calculated using the formula: Cost variation (%) = (maximum cost- minimum cost)/minimum cost ×100. Results: The maximum percentage of the cost variation was found between Atorvastatin preparations of 10 mg (776.9%) followed by atorvastatin agents of 20 mg (406.3%). Meanwhile, the minimum price variation was in Lovastatin preparations of 10 mg (11.1%), followed by Lovastatin of 40 mg (18.5%). Conclusion: The present study highlighted a wide range of cost variations between statin preparations, especially for Atorvastatin and Rosuvastatin. Further studies are recommended to recognize the reasons for high-cost variations among statin preparations and how to overcome those reasons. Physicians must consider the cost of the prescribed drug to improve the patients’ adherence to the treatment.