Corresponding Author

Aya M. AbdelMagid

Subject Area

Pharmacology and Clinical Pharmacy


Introduction: Type II diabetes mellitus is a lifelong condition requiring lifelong medication. This study aims to analyze the cost variation of the oral hypoglycemic drugs in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market.

Methodology: Egyptian drug database of the Egyptian Drug Authority was used to get the official prices of drugs in the Egyptian pharmaceutical market analyzed in this study. The cost ratio and the percentage cost variation were calculated. The price was documented using unit dose of 1 tablet per EGP.

Results: Out of 15 oral hypoglycemic drugs in the Egyptian market at closing 2022 (9 monotherapy and 6 combination therapy) of 6 different classes of 22 formulations and 88 manufacturing companies, the average cost variation percentage is 178.5%. The highest cost variability of the monotherapy oral hypoglycemic drugs was seen with biguanides (metformin 500 mg, 1100%), while the lowest cost variability was seen with meglitinides (nateglinide 120 mg, 11%).

Conclusion: High cost variation of oral hypoglycemics exist in the Egyptian market increasing the economic burden of type II diabetes mellitus. Therefore, the Egyptian Drug Authority should control the cost variation, Physicians should be educated on the cost-effectiveness of oral hypoglycemic drugs and the Universal Health Coverage in Egypt has to be launched instead of out of pocket payment of patients in an attempt to minimize the economic burden of the disease.